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Gelato VS Ice Cream

For the first article we pick a topic about the gelato world vs ice cream world. Our sincere purpose is to share our knowledge to you all and to share about the art of gelato. 

Gelato and ice cream are both delicious treats and though they've been pleasing crowds for some years now, many people still don't know the main differences between them. When it comes to gelato vs ice cream, a lot of people usually stick with what they like or assume the two are one in the same. But, they do differ quite a bit.

Experience the traditional art of real gelato and discover why it's cooler than everything else. 


For so many centuries, gelato has been a heavenly frozen dessert for their lovers.

Italy is the only country where the market share of artisanal gelato versus mass-produced gelato is over 55%. Today, more than 100.000 gelato parlors open around the world.

We make gelato the way Italians make it. Artisanal gelato is hand-crafted, with methods learned in Italy and with Italian-made machines.

ONE. Gelato is healthier than ice cream. So you can enjoy more and worry less.

TWO. Gelato has lower sugar and fat content. This is why gelato is simply healthier than ice cream. It offers fewer calories.

THREE. The REAL gelato is made with natural ingredients. Eating gelato will complete your daily needs of calcium, vitamins and fibers from the real fruits used.

 0% artificial additives

100% natural


What is the difference?

MADE FRESH. Gelato is made fresh in small batches to freshness and quality at its best, so that people can experience the real gelato flavors.

Freedom to enjoy gelato without the guilt.

LESS AIR. One of the reasons why gelato has denser texture is because it has less air content. More intense flavor and value for money. Gelato has from 20 till 30% air; Ice cream from 60% and up.

LESS SUGAR, LESS FAT. Gelato used fresh milk as the main ingredient. Ice cream uses cream. 

Gelato is made with mostly milk, so it’s lower in fat content. Lower sugar and more milk, means more calcium for the bones. One of the reasons why gelato is a healthier choice.

Gelato - 4-8% fat; Ice cream - 12-26% fat.

SERVED WARMER. Gelato is served at warmer temperature around -9 till -14C. This temperature keeps the soft and silky texture. It also gives a stronger flavor because your tongue is less numbed by the cold. So you can appreciate the flavor better.

Ice cream serving temperature -18 til -20C. 

ALLERGY FREE, DAIRY FREE. Gelato offers allergy free and dairy free options such as sorbets.

Gelato will not leave you thirsty… just refreshed!

J.Lu <3

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