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Have you ever dreamed about a gelato party?

We've got you covered for any dream you have about gelato!

Bringing a little bit of Italy to your parties, meetings, and social gatherings will be the perfect touch that pulls everything together. We cater gelato for events, exhibitions, meetings, corporate parties, birthday parties, weddings, celebrations, and special occasions.


We open the door to our Gelato Lab and offer you the only gelato making class in the Stavanger Area and beyond.

Discover more about our authentic, artisanal Italian gelato, our ingredients, the art of flavor balancing, and the science behind frozen desserts.

If you're a group of people interested in delving deeper into the world of gelato, please contact us!

Please refer to the individual class schedule in our online shop for dates and times.

Mango in Machine - Andrea Rocha Photogra


We can create or complement your dessert menu with exclusive flavors and pairings. Choose from all our flavors or suggest a specific one; we'll be glad to make it for you.

We have the expertise to craft any type of flavor.

We can supply your restaurant, café, or shop with top-quality, locally produced gelato!

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