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Italian Gelato to fall in love with

The Original Italian Gelato

Like Italian tradition dictates, we only use real ingredients. We never use artificial colorants, pre-made or artificial flavorings or powder mixes for our bases or gelato. You can actual taste the fresh fruit, the hazelnuts or real caramel and rest assure your tastebuds will thank you!

We don’t buy pre-made bases or powder mixes to create it, but instead we follow the Italian tradition of in-house pasteurisation of our own base, always fresh and completely from scratch.

These qualities enable us to guarantee what our customers have come to expect: complete satisfaction when enjoying our deliciously soft, fresh, creamy gelato.

Why the name "Siddis"?

Siddis denotes the local dialect and people who identify with being from Stavanger. At the same time it has a word "is", which in Norwegian means ice cream.  It embodies both parts of company: established in Stavanger and gelato producer.

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True Italian Flavor. Finest Quality.

Endless search for the best varieties of ingredients. Respect for traditions. Finest quality gelato - like it has to be.


Our mission

Quality ingredients, respect for traditions, craftsmanship and sustainability.
Customer relationships, value and integrity.
We believe that is our responsibility as entrepreneurs to spark and drive positive change in our communities.


Our vision

Increase artisan and Italian inspired frozen desserts in our area. Continuously to research into creativity and innovation.

To leave an imprint in the world of gelato by sharing the knowledge, experience and passion.

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